Art for Art's Sake / by Cybele Gontar

Every first Saturday of October, hundreds of galleries and shops throughout New Orleans open their doors late night for Art for Art’s Sake, the second largest art event of the year in New Orleans. We are excited to be opening our October exhibition “Options” by Zona Wainwright on this chic and exciting evening. Degas Gallery will be open from 6-9 pm tonight, October 6. Please come by to enjoy the show and meet artist Zona Wainwright!

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Art for Art’s Sake is a phrase that emerged in the 19th century arguing that art can be “good” because of its formal qualities rather than having a “deeper” context rooted in something deemed more important such as history or religion. This phrase led to ground-breaking artistic movements that forever changed the art world as we know it. Today it is used more casually, to defend the freedom of artistic expression. Either way we are a fan - Happy Art for Art’s Sake! Hope to see you tonight.