Open Studios at the Joan Mitchell Center / by Cybele Gontar


This morning, the residents at the Joan Mitchell Center opened up their studios to the public for the second Community Coffee event of the season.

The Joan Mitchell Center is an artist residency center here in New Orleans with a mission to “support local, national, and international contemporary visual artists…{by} offering both time and space for artists to create work in a contemplative environment.” Each month they host an event that is open to the public.

After meeting the residents last month, we were so excited to come back to see what they have been working on. The artists have clearly been working hard, as they each had an impressive amount of work to show, and it was a treat talk with them about their projects. A memorable and engaging piece by Paul Rucker was one that we especially enjoyed. Rucker stuck large yellow and white post-it notes to the walls of his studio and placed a pile of markers in the middle of the room. As he played a beautiful harmony on his cello (did we mention he’s also an incredibly talented cellist?!), Rucker invited visitors to write something they worry about or fear on the yellow post-its and an adjective to describe themselves on the white. What a beautiful interactive piece - one that made us think about ourselves, our inner thoughts, our power, our voice, the community, the world, and the interconnectedness of it all.

We are blown away by the creativity and intelligence of all of the artists at the Joan Mitchell Center. Read more about them here or see it in person at the next Community Coffee on Wednesday, November 14th.